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Who Is The Pip With Pizzaz?

Who is all ginger and jazz?

Rachel Berry


Rachel Barbra Berry


Lives in Manhattan

Works at Innovative Artists as a secertary

Single, bisexual

Rachel is a hard working, dedicated girl that knows what she wants in life and isn't afraid to go after it, even if it means running over people to get it. She's a little hard to get to know (mostly because she comes across as annoying and overachieving to most people), but she's very vulnerable and likeable once you get to know her. She's a little unsure about dating right now because she's just coming into her sexuality and isn't really sure how to go about liking both sexes right now, but she's not above flings, while looking for "the one"..

Rachel Barbra Berry was born in Lima, Ohio to Hiram and Leroy Berry, a lovely gay couple who just wanted a baby of their own. From an early age, Rachel was a special baby with a knack for being vocal (she was often heard making melodious noises in her crib and reaching for pictures of Bernadette Peters and Bettie Hutton) and active. She started training for stardom early, being enrolled in dance classes and voice classes as soon as she could talk. But it wasn't something that her fathers forced on her-Rachel wanted to do these things. She enjoyed spotlight and attention, and enjoyed entertaining people. Her first role was child Louise in Gypsy, and after that, she fell in love with the stage and knew she wanted to be there.

As the young girl got older, she acted more and more, soon becoming the star that her fathers always knew she would be. She got the lead in almost everything she tried out for, with a diva personality to go with her diva voice. Everyone thought she was annoying, but they all could agree on one thing: Rachel Berry was a star. She applied to the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts and made it in, and soon after graduation left Lima and her fathers behind for a life in the big city.

She graduated college with a degree in performance and music, and after scrounging for work and letting her fathers pay for a hotel for a few weeks, she finally found a part time job as a secretary to a big talent agency, Innovative Artists. She's always trying to insert herself in the scouting, singing while she works and talking about all the parts she's played. But with all the tall, skinny, blond girls out there, there seems to be no place for a short, brunette girl with a Jewish nose.

She has a few friends, and likes to go out with them when she has the spare time and money. So, one night after she closed the front desk and headed home, her friends called her up and asked if she wanted to go out. She got dressed, and they headed out to a club to have a few drinks and hang out. As she was sitting at the bar, she noticed that a girl was eyeing her from across the dance floor. After a few awkward feelings in high school, she chalked them up to growing up and ignored the feelings. But something was different now. She took a breath, walked over and asked the girl to dance. It ended up with the two girls making out in the back of the club, and Rachel had her first one night stand at the girl's house. And after a few more with various guys and girls, she finally came out to her parents and friends as bisexual. Her fathers were more than fine, and offered surrogacy advice if she ever thought of children. Her friends were okay with it too, since they loved her. She hasn't told anyone else from Lima besides her parents, since she lost touch with most of her high scho

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This is a roleplay journal. I'm not affiliated with Rachel, Lea, or Glee.

Rachel's apartment looks like this. It's a small studio on the third floor of a brick building.